The Yesod EP

by The Blu Mantic

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What is the first thing we know about ourselves as soon as we are born into this world? Our sex.

We are aware of our personality much later. Ideas as we grow are placed in to our consciousness which cause us to submit our TRUTH at times. Creating a false personality or an ego driven simulation.

"The Yesod" is a project that allowed me to go back to my early stages of life and began to build who I AM from there. Not necessarily being a male, but everything that my foundation was built upon. From previous religious teachings, family, musical background, to what my perspective is and my purpose on this planet.

Many things are at stake when you take a leap of faith. Therefore I gave up everything to move to Poland for a year, and finish my first project. With the peace and quite of early Sunday mornings in Warsaw, I was able to focus and build with the bricks that I had '....and construct verbal pyramids with simple technique."

The single "B.Y.O.C." is the expression of the excitement. Celebrating the steps taken to complete a product. Now able to flourish as an Independent Artist.

Enjoy sounds of Contemporary Sacred Hip Hop. Allow yourself to sink into the story and for a brief moment, you may be inspired to do something new. Set higher goals, or just relax enjoy the transcendence of Hip Hop.



released May 21, 2016

Music Produced by OddKidOut

Mix and Mastering by Karol "Shafs" Spernaki

BYOC Mastered by



all rights reserved


The Blu Mantic Warsaw, Poland

The Blu Mantic is an entity. It is the collective of universal inspirations in the soul of an artist.
When Blu does music, he is stepping on sacred ground. Our ears are the gateway to our thoughts and behavior & he knows that. He is also aware of his influence on his peers and those younger. ... more

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Track Name: The Foundation (Intro)
Dzein Dobre
Buenos dias
Guten Morn
The greetings of a new day
Possess the sound of a string quartet
And I bet
most ya'll ain't even awake yet

So ill presume to bloom
Like a sweet perfume
And stimulate the senses

This is the Yesod
Nothing phony or fraud
No disguise or facade
As higher state of mind condenses

A Foundation is a placement of materials
For an idea to become stable
We dream while were asleep therefore were unable
And come into
What you may say is fable

The number 9 resonates with divine wisdom
Loyalty, destiny, charity, to began your soul mission
Ignore the hullabaloo
Its time to come into
The disconnect of basic cable

Satellite your spirit
Voices of the universe
Listen if you hear it
Changes will occur
Embrace em don't fear it
Generation of Awakening
And we're it
The Sky is falling
Touch it if your near it

Started from the bottom now were here
An Art form reborn so the planet may endear
Get wit
The program
Of giving a damn
About the indigos that decide to jam
Like I am

Voice sample ------ 8bars

Our body is a temple and we should treat it as such
Present the best if your self and stop doing to much
So that mask, and ego gots ta go
Although i know its difficult for us to glow

In societies that cast down shadows
Push consumerism and invade lands to battle

Over pseudo necessities
Remember we be
The product of LOVE
In holy books we read

That we are one
Shining bright we do
As the morning sun

But for now
Let sexual transmutation
Commit to lunar decoration
As new cycle has begun

Mundane be gone
Abstain be strong
Let root of turn up die
as you listen to this song

The knowledge of our ancestors shall become
A fire that will rise from depths of their graves
and trees where they hung
Its only right that we fight til war is won
We shall prevail
Through living hells
As we face these demons of every level
Grab a shovel and place em with the other devels
Amen dubbed
Ohm oooommmmm
Hail asile
Allah rakbah
Guess what im trynna say in the least is
Track Name: Circa 1990
Fresh to death
This is the funeral
Witness a resurrection
I rise like an erection
Impregnatin da beat

Whetha your in ya cubicle
Confused by my selection
Since your not so acceptin
Im speakin to the elite

Revolutionary disciples
don't be stifled
No rifle needed to demolish conceded
Greedy can eat it

Put in their pipe n smoke

Share it read it when posted

Wont stop bakein dope tracks til thier bread has been toasted

When i pop on screen then youll know what i mean
Class is in session so pay respects to the dean

This is crack but dont feen
If you trynna get clean
Ill give you shoulder to
lean On
Depend on
no one to bring you out
I neva throw in the towel
I dry my tears then ring it out
N If ya wonderin how
I carryout
Daily routine
Let me describe in great detail exactly how I step on the scene

I commence with intelligence
Don't converse with irrelevant
Don't believe heres the evidence
Livin proof of a medicine
Music use it to better man
Upper class man no letterman
Heres the news im the weatha man
If ya sleepin dont settle in

To long have my pockets been dry like old bones
Soon its gunna rain down blessings
Like hail stones
Attack the clones
Many men robotic actin like drones
Ill Defeat a fleet of rappers looking sweeter then scones

Force fed by the radio
The truth to convicting

The youth don't where to go
This the reason im encrypting
A map
so they get back
to the roots
They wont relapse to traps
Chasing cheese like rats

Gettin attacked by pigs
Taken lives with gats

Tat tat tat tat
My lyrics aimed at ya hat

Think with ya cranium kid
If they say they dont know who built the pyramids
Tell that suckas you did

bREAK 4bars

Knowledge is power
use to your best of ability
Your mind is the universe
And your heart gives the energy
Emotion is movement
Thought patterns are frequency
Vibe with each otha like ya sista and brother
Cause we all share the same mother
And thats earth
For what its worth
We go back her
shortly after our birth
So no land is one mans turf

We all gotta breath
We all gotta eat
We all gotta grow
So its you that reach

Watch me branch out
Outreach in
Flowin like Euphrates
through this hades
I know thirsty
Ill be the spout

Serve up a plate food for thought to the starvin
Organic recipe lessons
Are a bizarre and about
The way I baptize and chastise
With out a doubt
TV has stained ya brain
I wash it out with my shout
This beat is heavy like stout
Supercalafragilistic rhythms
coming from my boy named OddKidOut

I was once a juvenile
Copy cat with style
Looking for attention
Didnt get for awhile
In detention with a smile
Troublemaker on file

Then my homie went jail
His name i wont tell
Young black male
Got his letter in the mail
Bro excel
But expect to fail
Hit me in the head like a hammer on a nail

Like wake up x2
Its time to get ya cake up X2
Stop getting distracted by heels and the make up
Track Name: Stealing Mountains (Alhamdulillah)
A dollar fifty eight is all thats left up in my bank account
Two weeks til the rent is due is a enough time to think about/Seek Out
Different schemes to put aside my dreams/And do other things/to dish me up some cream

Sprint done call me up to harass me and to tell me that my payment late/
Student loans is pilling up and building up and interest rate/ Aint that great
The amount I owe goes to show/I could work everyday and probably never make

Enough to get me out of debt/ take a break and meditate/
I try to estimate and delegate/The time itll take to detonate/ Celebrate
Blowing up/Cause finances aint Showin Up/ Its been that way since I was growing up

Child Support gone get my ass and probably make me serve a month or two
I bet you think I owe you too/Aint no tellin who/Done help Blu
A Capricorn with lots of goals/ facing obstacles/
Couldnt tell you how I made it through

I call my family to remind em that we blessed/Facetime my son cause he's closest to my chest
Make love to my lady cause this life is filled with stress/ Not bothered by much so at times I care less
But my patience is a virtue that the heavens wanna test/
til I cant take no mo/ dont know how far ill go/ been homeless bro/ you know how the story goes/ Cant complain/ I maintain/ Alhamdulillah


Apologies if I havent said thank you/
Got alot on plate thats pretty hard to chew/
but without you know who/ what would I do?/Alhamduillah
My bad If i missed your text or call/
Taken pills called pride that are hard to swall-ow/
If it wasnt for friends and family/ where would I be?/Alhamduillah
Hard times made me, Strong
Building blocks for every lyric in my, song
Always had enough to move a, long
Now my momma on her way to ownin her own very home


Never really talk to pops til about the age of twenty-one
Wont blame him for anything/ Just be a better son
Appreciating every moment that we have/ Cause in the end (bruh)/ Thats still my dad
Homies hit me up to tell me that the city stuck
Loopty loop Repetitious/ Aint much luck
Same Ole Same Ole/ sayin life sucks when you trying to make goals with no puck
( Hol up playa what?)
I said , my brotha, You doing better than me
Went to school and graduated witha degree
My career aint taking off/Its beginning to slow me down/
Went throught the valley of the shadows to shed light on the town/
Lost myself til divinity was found/
He say yea Yo/ Just continue to grow/ Experiencing things some may never know/
Dont worry cause Im buildin too/ So If havent hit you back/ just know that


Apologies if I havent said thank you/
Got alot on plate thats pretty hard to chew/
but without you know who/ what would I do?/Alhamduillah
My bad If i missed your text or call/
Taken pills called pride that are hard to swall-ow/
If it wasnt for friends and family/ where would I be?/Alhamduillah


Its alot of things that I want/ But I have everything I need
A generations is lost thats allowing us to lead/
What the mind conceives and believes/ It can achieve
Besides.../Life's to short for me to give up
Prophecies been spoken its time for us to live up
To our fullest potential/Keep a strong mental/ Careful how what we perceive and receive

Track Name: The Procrastinator
I pour a glass of wine for the grapes of wrath
Bubble bath
Take a chill pill cause right now i cant deal

Reality got me saying funk it
Told Oddkidout send a beat so i can bump it

And get this of my chest
here lately i aint been doin my best
Procrastination is my guess

Spend złoty i should save
Desire is a master and ended up a slave

React to quick
Dont think before i speak and wonder why my lady flip

Im closed off
I say things i dont mean and go off
cold hearted romantic call me Olaf

Man im slackin
Im laying here lollygaggin when i should be packin
Sitting duck but no quackin

I preach about time
Then why the hek im wastin it
The issues in the mirror and i like facen it

Face it
Imma idiot
Hate been broke and doin things get it
Imma scurvy nave with a grave
Im diggin it


Aint talk son in a min
I got excuses
But knew the consequences when i was all up in it
Should him some money
But i spend it
On things i thought would get me rich quick
Brings me back to now
I need to get on my job and not clock out
Start typing on my laptop
Get distracted then knock out
Tryna block out
Humans opinions
Casting stones
For unknown
Let me shut up cause i need a plan that acts
Track Name: Mira/Patrzeć
Eshuchar meh
Por favor
Im not here to beg

What i say may sound simple
but nothing sort of vague

After shows I be cripple
I stay breakin my leg

Neva eva eva the cuff the mic
hear every word said

The fans commune at my table
I stay break the bread

Thank me for real hip hop
I tell em she dead

Send condolences
Noticen these broken men
Padlock minds that need openin

The key hope in
entrepreneurial oppurtunity
Ive lived many lives before
So nothing seems new to me

Material seems basic
I dont like somebody ownin me

Basically, I take a lot a words figuratively
Receive lots of love literally
Everyday try grow spiritually
Stay grounded to awaken my

Double edge sword tongue
To confess my sins
Terrorize the wolves livin in
In sheepskin

Im the shepard with a staff
Love my better half
For not counting what i have
Cause im terrible with math

Bruce Banner with the grammar
been exposed to gamma rays
Fifth dimension four vacation
To see my better days

The album droppin soon
No Shades of Grey
Folks is gunna love it
Or at least i pray
The country will understand
How to see things my way
At least before i lay
My head to rest
Can i with stand the test
Of time
It takes to rhyme
A few
Words and lines
To feed ya mine
This kosher
Or halal
Rappers serve fast food dat taste foul
I stay away from the boars and sows
I like organics so i plan it on this planet
And take my trees for granted...
They ask me what kinda beef I'm in
And forget that I'm vegetarian
Track Name: B.Y.O.C.



Lets get fancy, /Upper,Middle, Lower Class
Freshin' up, Dress up /Fill up your glass
Rich think were poor/but tonight we get a pass
in the palace, so bring your own chalice


Long day, short pay/ Now its time to plot revenge
With collective perspective/But I guess it all depends on who you call Friends
Cause family is who I hit up when my days about to end
On long text message Imma bout to send like
What you wanna do, and where you wanna go
Man I'ont know long as they got good music strong drinks and a dance flo'

So I slide up slicker than Rick to pick up my chick
In a three-piece suit/She tempting and fresh like she handing me fruit
Shoot/ you betta hop up in this coup and lets swoop cause you fly with six rings and dont play hoops

Oops/forgot to mention/
Dont let me catch you in no Jays/ T Shirts or any mutha loving mini skirts
Tonight/ You gotta put in work
So I'd appreciate it if you would/Lets go and get...


So we get there five deep in line to get ID'd
Ladies get in free then security got to me like
Sir, Your fits legit but we cant let you enter with that stick/ somebody in here just might get hit
I concur/ Im Lemony Snicket and a Series of Unfortunate events may occur
but I perfer to have a good time tonight/If bustas start some ruckus I aint trying to fight
So can I enter?/Thats cool/Alright
As we commence with elegance the rubba necka started checkin
I confession my profession is to teach you all a lesson
As we began to mix Kin with lemons and Gin and start noticin
That this is all a blessin/Forget the stressin
Cause life be testing and we be guessing like
After a couple of hits ill get with it/ Two shots ill stop and plot
but for now I cant think a lot cause the beat just dropped
and she is dancing on it/and i sitting here thinking about prancing on it
cause when I with my bros/ Let me expose
we all get chose/ it aint the money cars or clothes
cause everyday we work toward long term goals
and Lord Knows we deserve it
So tonight lets try to stay alive
Take my keys please cause I cant drive
and you know why/ Its cause were..
Outro 8 bars
Track Name: Never Let Her feat. Sharaz
Let Her Go

4bar Intro (Sharaz)

If the love is abundant
She keeps on lifting you higher and higher
Ain't no sunshine when she gone
She stay on mind when your alone
I bet you betta neva eva

Verse (Blu)

With out a shadow of a doubt know I'm good
When I'm ridin solo
Although I would
Paint a perfect picture portraying Picasso i i could abuse what i use
If i should lose my muse
And thats you
For what its worth
It's true
That behind great king lies a Queen
So to intervene whats currently seen
In today's men
Wont nothing come between
We do
Goes to show that ill never eva eva let you go

If forever is to long
women let me know..
Ill take real slow..
(Neva let you go
If you side with me
And ride with me
Shine with me
You will see
Keep close
Cause trust to many folks
And dat goes to show
If Keep me high when im low
Track Name: The Requiem