Circa 1990

from by The Blu Mantic

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Fresh to death
This is the funeral
Witness a resurrection
I rise like an erection
Impregnatin da beat

Whetha your in ya cubicle
Confused by my selection
Since your not so acceptin
Im speakin to the elite

Revolutionary disciples
don't be stifled
No rifle needed to demolish conceded
Greedy can eat it

Put in their pipe n smoke

Share it read it when posted

Wont stop bakein dope tracks til thier bread has been toasted

When i pop on screen then youll know what i mean
Class is in session so pay respects to the dean

This is crack but dont feen
If you trynna get clean
Ill give you shoulder to
lean On
Depend on
no one to bring you out
I neva throw in the towel
I dry my tears then ring it out
N If ya wonderin how
I carryout
Daily routine
Let me describe in great detail exactly how I step on the scene

I commence with intelligence
Don't converse with irrelevant
Don't believe heres the evidence
Livin proof of a medicine
Music use it to better man
Upper class man no letterman
Heres the news im the weatha man
If ya sleepin dont settle in

To long have my pockets been dry like old bones
Soon its gunna rain down blessings
Like hail stones
Attack the clones
Many men robotic actin like drones
Ill Defeat a fleet of rappers looking sweeter then scones

Force fed by the radio
The truth to convicting

The youth don't where to go
This the reason im encrypting
A map
so they get back
to the roots
They wont relapse to traps
Chasing cheese like rats

Gettin attacked by pigs
Taken lives with gats

Tat tat tat tat
My lyrics aimed at ya hat

Think with ya cranium kid
If they say they dont know who built the pyramids
Tell that suckas you did

bREAK 4bars

Knowledge is power
use to your best of ability
Your mind is the universe
And your heart gives the energy
Emotion is movement
Thought patterns are frequency
Vibe with each otha like ya sista and brother
Cause we all share the same mother
And thats earth
For what its worth
We go back her
shortly after our birth
So no land is one mans turf

We all gotta breath
We all gotta eat
We all gotta grow
So its you that reach

Watch me branch out
Outreach in
Flowin like Euphrates
through this hades
I know thirsty
Ill be the spout

Serve up a plate food for thought to the starvin
Organic recipe lessons
Are a bizarre and about
The way I baptize and chastise
With out a doubt
TV has stained ya brain
I wash it out with my shout
This beat is heavy like stout
Supercalafragilistic rhythms
coming from my boy named OddKidOut

I was once a juvenile
Copy cat with style
Looking for attention
Didnt get for awhile
In detention with a smile
Troublemaker on file

Then my homie went jail
His name i wont tell
Young black male
Got his letter in the mail
Bro excel
But expect to fail
Hit me in the head like a hammer on a nail

Like wake up x2
Its time to get ya cake up X2
Stop getting distracted by heels and the make up


from The Yesod EP, track released May 21, 2016
Written by Matiwane "The Blu Mantic" Mathews II
Produced by OddKidOut
Mixed and Mastered by Karol "Shafs" Spernacki



all rights reserved


The Blu Mantic Warsaw, Poland

The Blu Mantic is an entity. It is the collective of universal inspirations in the soul of an artist.
When Blu does music, he is stepping on sacred ground. Our ears are the gateway to our thoughts and behavior & he knows that. He is also aware of his influence on his peers and those younger. ... more

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