The Foundation (Intro)

from by The Blu Mantic

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Dzein Dobre
Buenos dias
Guten Morn
The greetings of a new day
Possess the sound of a string quartet
And I bet
most ya'll ain't even awake yet

So ill presume to bloom
Like a sweet perfume
And stimulate the senses

This is the Yesod
Nothing phony or fraud
No disguise or facade
As higher state of mind condenses

A Foundation is a placement of materials
For an idea to become stable
We dream while were asleep therefore were unable
And come into
What you may say is fable

The number 9 resonates with divine wisdom
Loyalty, destiny, charity, to began your soul mission
Ignore the hullabaloo
Its time to come into
The disconnect of basic cable

Satellite your spirit
Voices of the universe
Listen if you hear it
Changes will occur
Embrace em don't fear it
Generation of Awakening
And we're it
The Sky is falling
Touch it if your near it

Started from the bottom now were here
An Art form reborn so the planet may endear
Get wit
The program
Of giving a damn
About the indigos that decide to jam
Like I am

Voice sample ------ 8bars

Our body is a temple and we should treat it as such
Present the best if your self and stop doing to much
So that mask, and ego gots ta go
Although i know its difficult for us to glow

In societies that cast down shadows
Push consumerism and invade lands to battle

Over pseudo necessities
Remember we be
The product of LOVE
In holy books we read

That we are one
Shining bright we do
As the morning sun

But for now
Let sexual transmutation
Commit to lunar decoration
As new cycle has begun

Mundane be gone
Abstain be strong
Let root of turn up die
as you listen to this song

The knowledge of our ancestors shall become
A fire that will rise from depths of their graves
and trees where they hung
Its only right that we fight til war is won
We shall prevail
Through living hells
As we face these demons of every level
Grab a shovel and place em with the other devels
Amen dubbed
Ohm oooommmmm
Hail asile
Allah rakbah
Guess what im trynna say in the least is


from The Yesod EP, track released May 21, 2016
Written by Matiwane "The Blu Mantic" Mathews
Produced by OddKidOut
Mixed and Mastered by Karol "SHAFS" Spernacki



all rights reserved


The Blu Mantic Warsaw, Poland

The Blu Mantic is an entity. It is the collective of universal inspirations in the soul of an artist.
When Blu does music, he is stepping on sacred ground. Our ears are the gateway to our thoughts and behavior & he knows that. He is also aware of his influence on his peers and those younger. ... more

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