"B​.​Y​.​O​.​C" (Single)

by The Blu Mantic

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This is to inspire anyone on their current journey to succeed.

I am truly aware the nature of hard work and obstacles that lie in our paths as we ascend to a new level of "self".

Though it may be difficult, stay focused and keep your chalice full. Full enough to share when you notice a slight over flow. We all are going through it, so lets be as kind as possible to each other.

In the light of celebration...let us toast to longevity, prosperity and enjoy the moment.






Lets get fancy, /Upper,Middle, Lower Class
Freshin' up, Dress up /Fill up your glass
Rich think were poor/but tonight we get a pass
in the palace, so bring your own chalice

Long day, short pay/ Now its time to plot revenge
With collective perspective/But I guess it all depends on who you call Friends

Cause family is who I hit up when my days about to end
On long text message Imma bout to send like
What you wanna do, and where you wanna go
Man I'ont know long as they got good music strong drinks and a dance flo'

So I slide up slicker than Rick to pick up my chick
In a three-piece suit/She tempting and fresh like she handing me fruit

Shoot/ you betta hop up in this coup and lets swoop cause you fly with six rings and dont play hoops

Oops/forgot to mention/
Don't let me catch you in no Jays/ T Shirts or any mutha loving mini skirts

Tonight/ You gotta put in work
So I'd appreciate it if you would/Lets go and get...


So we get there five deep in line to get ID'd
LAdies get in free then security got to me like
Sir, Your fits legit but we cant let you enter with that stick/ somebody in here just might get hit

I concur/ I'm Lemony Snicket and a Series of Unfortunate events may occur
but I perfer to have a good time tonight/If bustas start some ruckus I ain't trying to fight
So can I enter?/That's cool/Alright

As we commence with elegance the rubba neckas started checkin
I confession my profession is to teach you all a lesson
As we began to mix Kin with lemons and Gin and start noticin

That this is all a blessin/Forget the stressin
Cause life be testing and we be guessing like
After a couple of hits ill get with it/ Two shots ill stop and plot

but for now I cant think a lot cause the beat just dropped
and she is dancing on it/and i sitting here thinking about prancing on it

cause when I with my bros/ Let me expose
we all get chose/ it aint the money cars or clothes
cause everyday we work toward long term goals

and Lord Knows we deserve it
So tonight lets try to stay alive
Take my keys please cause I cant drive
and you know why/ Its cause were..


Outro 8 bars


released March 4, 2016
Written by Matiwane "The Blu Mantic" Mathews II

Produced by. Butch "ODDKIDOUT" Serianni

Mixed by Karol "SHAFS" Spernaki

Mastered by www.Sojeph.com



all rights reserved


The Blu Mantic Warsaw, Poland

The Blu Mantic is an entity. It is the collective of universal inspirations in the soul of an artist.
When Blu does music, he is stepping on sacred ground. Our ears are the gateway to our thoughts and behavior & he knows that. He is also aware of his influence on his peers and those younger. ... more

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